Foods that help prevent osteoporosis

The bones in the body are living tissues that are undergoing automatic breaking and repairing. As you age, the rate of repair slows down, leading to osteoporosis. This is a condition in which bone quality and density reduce. If you’re looking to prevent or slow the effect of osteoporosis, exercise...

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5 best budget cruises in the world

We often set out on a journey to reach a charming destination. What we fail to realize is that being on a journey itself should be an enriching experience. A cruise vacation is a great example of that. You spend several days on a cruise, enjoy the luxurious services, and unwind yourself. Moreover, y...

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Normal and not-so-normal causes of excessive sweating

Sweating is a completely normal phenomenon. You may sweat excessively when you are exercising, when it's too hot outside, or when you are frightened or nervous. It's the body’s reaction to cooling itself down. But some people drip with sweat even when they are not exercising or feeling hot. In suc...

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