3 tips to manage melanoma

Melanoma is an uncommon skin cancer that occurs when melanocytes begin to spread uncontrollably. About 90,000 Americans are diagnosed with melanoma each year, yet no studies can predict when or how it happens. Hence, it is essential to understand this type of cancer in detail to help make an informe...

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5 major don’ts for passengers on a cruise

Going on a cruise trip is an exciting adventure! Traveling through the seas in a mobile hotel may seem like an overwhelming idea, but it is a lot of fun if you plan it correctly. Here are some don'ts that you must keep in mind as a cruise passenger. While these may seem like some basic traveling tip...

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5 scents that keep mosquitoes at bay

Mosquitoes have a sharp sense of smell. They are usually attracted to flowers, perfumes, and, most notably, the carbon dioxide and odor we emanate. In the same way, mosquitoes find certain aromas unappealing and tend to stay away from them. You can use such fragrances to prevent mosquito bites and s...

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