Understanding Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer's disease, one of the most serious medical conditions, affects one’s memory, ability to think, language skills, problem-solving ability, mobility, and personality. This disease is a progressive condition that worsens with time. The symptoms and progression rate may vary from person to pe...

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4 best budget cruises in the world

We often set out on a journey to reach a charming destination. What we miss out on realizing is that being on a journey itself should be a beautiful and enriching experience. A cruise vacation is a great example of that. You spend a couple of days or weeks on a ship, bask in the luxurious services p...

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6 safest SUVs trending in 2022

Sports utility vehicles, commonly known as SUVs, feature bigger engines, better passenger seating, enhanced cargo space, and many highway driving assist features built for long journeys. These vehicles are also comfortable to drive and boast various technological enhancements for a reasonable price ...

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