6 common snorkeling mistakes beginners should avoid

Snorkeling is an emerging water sports activity, gaining immense popularity in the country with about 8 million people participating in the activity each year. The activity involves swimming using a diving mask and a snorkel. This allows underwater visibility, letting people explore marine life. Wha...

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Common mistakes to avoid while snorkeling

Snorkeling is an enjoyable underwater activity that has garnered attention over the years. The activity involves a mask and a snorkel. Many dive spots and coral reefs beckon diving enthusiasts across the country to explore unique aquatic life. Though the activity looks quite simple, it requires imme...

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Improve eye health by avoiding these foods

Our eyes are one of the most vital organs in our body. The eye health is dependent on the health of our blood vessels and heart; therefore, it is imperative to take steps to ensure good cardiovascular health. While we may choose healthy foods that provide nutrition and oxygen to the blood vessels, i...

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