3 common types of soaps that trigger eczema flareups

3 common types of soaps that trigger eczema flareups ?>

Eczema is mostly triggered by skin inflammation. Over 31 million people in the country have some form of this condition. Common symptoms include skin irritation, dry skin, patchy blisters, and surface rashes that lead to infections. There are many triggers and risk factors involved with a condition like this one. However, an allergic reaction to cosmetic products is the most reported trigger. Here are some soaps that can trigger eczema flareups.

Soaps with added fragrances
Scented products help counter body odor, but there is always a catch with artificial fragrance. About 15% of all people with eczema tend to develop a fragrance allergy while suffering from common symptoms. Using such scented soaps can only trigger flareups and worsen the issue. Some fragrances are also purely made with chemicals that may be added to simply mask the odor of the product itself. But these chemicals trigger severe skin-related allergic reactions.

Soaps with active ingredients and cleansing agents
A highly concentrated composition of cleansing products will have a harsher impact on the surface of one’s skin. For example, soaps have an active ingredient called sulfate that helps exfoliate the skin by stripping off the natural oils and moisture off the surface. But using these soaps will also dry out the skin and increase the risk of surface irritation and itching. Lanolin is another active ingredient found in soaps that boasts moisturizing properties. However, this chemical agent can also destroy the proteins and protective barrier of the skin.

Soaps with essential oils
Most essential oils contain natural antibacterial and antifungal properties that are good for the skin. These active ingredients are also used for adding natural fragrance to many types of skincare products like moisturizers, soaps, and shampoos. However, common favorites like tea tree oil can trigger flareups in people with allergic contact dermatitis.

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