3 tips to manage melanoma

3 tips to manage melanoma ?>

Melanoma is an uncommon skin cancer that occurs when melanocytes begin to spread uncontrollably. About 90,000 Americans are diagnosed with melanoma each year, yet no studies can predict when or how it happens. Hence, it is essential to understand this type of cancer in detail to help make an informed choice and take cautionary measures. Here are the treatment methods, meal plans, and tips for managing the condition better:

Some medications help manage melanoma. OPDIVO® is one of them. It is chiefly utilized when diseases have progressed drastically, can’t be eliminated by a medical procedure, and have spread to different parts of the body (metastatic). It is also used when other therapies don’t work. It is likewise used to assist with keeping the disease from returning after patients have had a medical procedure (adjuvant therapy). OPDIVO® works on malignant growth cells that produce a protein called PD-L1. Tests may be required before treatment to make sure OPDIVO® is suitable. It can be given alone or with other oral therapies. This medication contains an active ingredient called nivolumab.

Meal plans
Eating healthy foods and following a strict meal plan can help melanoma patients manage symptoms and side effects of medical treatment. They are recommended to eat leafy greens like spinach, broccoli, kale, and collard greens, as they are rich in vitamin C and iron. It is essential to include red fruits and vegetables, as they are a rich source of lycopene, an antioxidant that may protect against sun damage. Other foods to consume include fatty fish, nuts, legumes, and citrus fruits. It is suggested to avoid fried, greasy, and processed foods. Patients with this condition should limit the consumption of foods that have added sugars, like cakes and ice-creams, as they have little to no nutritional benefit.

Lifestyle changes
Certain factors can increase the risk of melanoma. Decrease excessive UV exposure since people that are out in the sun for a prolonged time are more susceptible to melanoma. Other sources that can cause melanoma are tanning beds and sun lamps, which expose the skin to sunburns. It is also recommended to put on sunscreen. Other than that, melanoma patients should get in low-intensity exercises whenever they feel good. Yoga and meditation can help a lot. It is essential to build one’s immune system. If one’s immunity is strong, the body can fight off diseases easily. That said, certain types of diseases like HIV or lymphoma can make people susceptible to melanoma.

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