4 reasons to move on from that old smartphone

4 reasons to move on from that old smartphone ?>

The market is full of newer and innovative smartphones. But the upgrade isn’t necessarily affordable or desirable for all. While it is tempting for most to buy a new smartphone every year or two, a significant number of people are still using devices they purchased years ago. If you are one of those people, you might want to consider the drawbacks of old smartphones that date back more than a few years.

Cyber security
It is a great decision to continue using an old phone when you consider the environmental and financial repercussions of upgrading. However, it can be a questionable decision if you consider the security aspects of your phone. After some time, Apple or Android devices stop receiving security updates. These updates protect your phone against vulnerabilities and security threats. To better picture how unsafe or safe your old smartphone is, you will have to check how long your smartphone brand provides security updates.

Storage safety
One of the reasons phones are dangerous to continue using beyond a stipulated time is the expired life of their batteries. The lithium batteries start degrading after a few years. This makes your old smartphones unsafe for use. If you aren’t using an old smartphone but have it stashed in the back of a drawer, it can still be a fire hazard. And if you are using it, the fact that the battery can swell up and end up being a fire hazard anyway should be enough of a deterrent.

Crashing system
If your phone hasn’t received a security update in a long time, the device may have progressively slowed down. However, often, even if you receive new updates, your device can end up with a constantly crashing software. Again, this can put you at risk of attacks and leave your data vulnerable. With apps constantly crashing and systems failing to function normally, your old smartphone is a redundant device.

Another hardware issue that should instantly be a red flag, especially if you are using an old smartphone, is the overheating of your device. It is common knowledge that overheating can lead to exploding phones. It is a dangerous outcome for you and the unsuspecting people around you. If your phone overheats when you are using it, or it’s just lying near you on your desk, it might be time for you to either let it go or get it repaired, if that is still an option.

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