5 early signs that indicate a gynecologist consultation

5 early signs that indicate a gynecologist consultation ?>

Gynecologists are specialized doctors whose primary focus is women’s health and the reproductive system. These healthcare professionals can treat various health problems across menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, obstetrics, hormone disorders, and more. Hence one must seek their advice during tough times. However, there are chances that one may not know the symptoms to look out for. Hence, here are some early signs that indicate a woman’s need to consult a gynecologist.

Early signs that indicate a visit to a gynecologist

Painful periods
Many women feel discomfort during the menstrual period. While some can have stomach cramps, hot flashes, and sore breasts, others can experience low blood pressure, headache, and excess hunger. However, if one has unmanageable abdominal pain, this can be due to problems such as endometriosis – an extra buildup of tissue outside the uterus, or fibroids – abnormal growth of cells and tissue in the uterus.

Abnormal vaginal bleeding
While spotting between periods isn’t a cause to worry, one must look out for unexplained bleeding between periods and bleeding after menopause. Additionally, when one is pregnant and notices bleeding, it can signify issues with the pregnancy. In addition, if one experiences excess bleeding, it could indicate ovarian cancer.

Breast pain or lumps
Usually, women can notice tenderness in the breast area before the onset of their menstrual period. But pain or lump in the breast cannot be considered normal, as they can indicate breast cancer and cysts. In such circumstances, a mammogram can be utilized to evaluate the seriousness of the issue.

Unusual odor
One of the most common yet uncomfortable signs to look for is an unpleasant odor. Typically discharge in the area is odorless. So, when one experiences an unusual odor associated with other signs like irritation and changes in discharge color, it could be a vaginal infection – bacterial or yeast.

Menopause symptoms
Typically, the menopause transition can begin as one approaches the 45 – 55 age group. So, when one goes through the menopause period, one can expect symptoms such as hot flashes, changes in mood, hair thinning, and night flashes. But, in rare cases, one may have cardiac and mental health issues.

Thus, in addition to the early signs mentioned above, one must also ensure an annual checkup with a gynecologist, which can pave the way for a timely diagnosis and an early treatment plan.

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