5 major don’ts for passengers on a cruise

5 major don’ts for passengers on a cruise ?>

Going on a cruise trip is an exciting adventure! Traveling through the seas in a mobile hotel may seem like an overwhelming idea, but it is a lot of fun if you plan it correctly. Here are some don’ts that you must keep in mind as a cruise passenger. While these may seem like some basic traveling tips, it’s the little things that often help you out when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t overdo the activities
Cruise liners are massive, and the activities you can try on board are several. Be it the entertainment deck, restaurant, casino, or pool, all of these places can be extremely exciting when taking your first cruise trip. So don’t get overwhelmed trying to visit each of these. Spread out your activities for all days of your travel to ensure you don’t get bored or tired easily. Cruise ships can accommodate thousands of people, and you may need to plan your visits to the several activities accordingly.

Don’t fraternize with staff
Now, this may seem harmless, but you have to be extremely careful about getting involved with any of the staff. The cruise line has very strict rules about the staff and guests getting too friendly, which often leads to the staff getting fired. If you notice anyone you like, it is best to avoid taking any action to make sure you are not ruining anyone’s career. A summer romance can be fun, but definitely not in this case! Even if a staff member makes the first move, just avoid any interaction. And if they make you feel uncomfortable, you can always lodge a complaint.

Don’t be rude to the crew
Basic etiquette demands that you stay on your best behavior with the crew, staff, and everyone on-board while on your cruise trip. Traveling across the seas with a bunch of strangers may get difficult, but it may get become problematic if you develop friction with any one of them. Besides, wouldn’t your journey be pleasant if you are polite and the crew goes out of their way to show you great hospitality?

Don’t stick to just buffets
Buffets can be very exciting and economical on your cruise trip. They also provide you with an opportunity to try some new cuisines without having to pay a lot of money. However, the cruise line mostly has some cuisine-specific restaurants, and if you really would like to try something new, it’s best you explore these instead of the buffet. You get to experience authentic cuisine and ambiance, and you’ll have plenty of choices on offer, unlike a buffet, where the menus are mostly fixed for each day.

Don’t under pack
This tip stays true the other way, so don’t under- or over-pack! Imagine being on a cruise traveling to different destinations and you have to constantly rearrange your luggage because you didn’t plan well. Book excursions in advance to have a better idea about your itinerary and what to wear on those days. You may even want to carry baggage with extra luggage space for any new shopping and souvenirs you get, like local artifacts or traditional clothes.

While these tips will ensure a hassle-free and memorable holiday on the seas, choosing a reputed cruise line is essential. Celebrity Cruises, Viking Cruises, and Virgin Voyages (formerly Virgin Cruises) have attractive packages to locations like the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Alaskan, and Atlantic regions. They’re also known for great discounts and holiday deals with some explorative itineraries, so do check them out.

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