5 nutrient-dense human foods that dogs like

5 nutrient-dense human foods that dogs like ?>

Food is the most important aspect of leading a healthy and fulfilling life. This is true for all beings, dogs included. While pet food brands have nutritious and satiating products that are effective in curbing your dog’s hunger cravings, there are some human foods that you can give them that are just as yummy! They are safe to give to your furries and also highly nourishing. Here are some options that you can try out.


Our furries love vegetables almost as much as us humans do! Some foods like carrots, pumpkin, green beans, and peas are great for dogs. They are tasty, easy to digest, and nutrient-dense. Carrots are known for their high fiber, beta carotene, and vitamin A content. Pumpkin is also great for treating any digestive issues and helps in keeping the gut healthy. Green beans have protein, calcium, iron, and vitamin K, essential nutrients for your dog’s growth. You can simply boil these and add them to your pet’s meals.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is extremely safe to feed to your pet when given in small quantities. It is an excellent source of protein, vitamin E and B, heart-healthy fats, and niacin. You can use this in a Kong treat dispenser to keep them full between meals. If your dog doesn’t like bathing, you can stick some peanut butter on a clean surface near the bathtub to keep your puppy distracted till he is washed down. You can add this to some dog-safe cookies as well.


There is no doubt that dogs love chicken. Boiled chicken and rice is an excellent meal for your pup, but you can always add a little more flavor and nutrition to it without making it a fatty meal. Add some boiled veggies to this combo to add some texture. You can even cook the chicken in a few drops of olive oil and shred it to tiny bits before adding it to the rice. You can try substituting white rice with brown rice if your pup likes it.


While fish is safe to give to your pet, make sure you only give them salmon, as it is the safest. It contains omega-3 fatty acids, great for your dog’s skin and coat. It is especially advised to add salmon to their meals if the weather is too dry and cold, as this keeps the skin well-nourished.


Turkey, which is an excellent source of lean meat, is full of nutrients like protein, riboflavin, and phosphorus. In fact, several packaged pet foods have turkey in them. You can switch between different kinds of meat every couple of days to keep your pet happy and excited about mealtimes.

Always speak to your vet before changing your dog’s food regimen. In addition to giving your dogs the foods mentioned above, you can also include these nutrient-dense products from Nutro Natural Choice. They are tasty, affordable, wholesome, and GMO-free. If you want to buy something that will keep your dog satiated for long, give them Nutro Natural Choice’s Adult Beef and Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food and Lamb and Brown Rice Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food for Dogs.

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