5 things to avoid doing in hotels

5 things to avoid doing in hotels ?>

One of the joys of traveling is getting comfortable hotel accommodation for your stay. Just as we expect great service from these hotels, they expect the guests to follow certain protocols to make the experience pleasurable. It is important to understand this tacit agreement. On that note, here are some vital tips to remind you of things that you should avoid doing when you are staying in a hotel.

Keep the bathroom door shut
Taking a hot shower at the end of the day and sliding into the comfy blanket is one of the perks of being in a hotel. However, make sure you keep the bathroom door shut. The steam from the shower can enter the room and trigger the fire alarm.

Don’t cover the smoke alarms
Almost all hotels always have a smoking room available for their guests, as they understand it is a requirement for some. However, some guests will take a room that comes with a smoke alarm and cover the smoke alarms whenever they wish to indulge in activities that may set off the alarm.

Avoid using the throw pillows
Some hotels have these delicate items in the room, like throw pillows to add some personality to the room. However, if you notice, a lot of these items do not have a sleeve cover, and many hotels do not clean these pillows after every guest’s departure. These items could be a hotbed of germs, so it is best to avoid these throw pillows altogether.

Stealing bathrobes is a big no-no
It is normal to pack the shampoo, conditioner, and tea sachets from hotels. Most people do it, and it is quite acceptable as the customers pay for them. However, some may try to grab other items like bathrobes or coat hangers. Make sure to keep these items in the room after using them. It is okay to take bathroom amenities and even pencil and paper, but the rest is a big no-no.

Don’t spoil bed linen or towels
Suppose you have recently dyed your hair and know that the color leaks on clothes or linen, it is always advisable to get your towel for the bathroom and the pillow. Also, make sure that you are not wiping off your makeup and dirtying up the towel, as those makeup stains will probably not go away easily, making it difficult for the hotel staff to wash and reuse them.

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