5 unusual ways to tackle a bad headache

5 unusual ways to tackle a bad headache ?>

Headaches are a widespread health issue and can have underlying causes or result from stress or dehydration. Either way, it is a debilitating condition and can affect a person’s day-to-day functioning. There are many treatments for headaches. But, for those who suffer from them constantly, opting for prescription treatments may not be the safest solution. Instead, they can opt for some varied and unusual home remedies for headaches. Read on below to know more.

5 easy natural ways to get rid of a headache

Get rid of any pressure
One of the easiest ways to tackle a bad headache is to get rid of all the physical pressure on your head. Avoid tying a tight ponytail or bun and wearing ill-fitted hats for too long. In many cases, external pressure can be the cause of your headache. So, getting rid of it could provide some instant relief and even help with migraine headaches.

Take a hot shower
Another unusual method for getting rid of your headache effectively is taking a hot bath or shower. A lukewarm or hot water bath can promote circulation and ease muscle tension in your neck and back. This can help release some of the pressure in the head and ease your headache, migraines, and sinuses.

Switch off the lights
Individuals who suffer from headaches caused due to migraines and sinuses could also be sensitive to light. Meaning, bright lights at the workplace or at home or the light from their smartphone could actually worsen preexisting symptoms and headaches. So, when suffering from a headache, moving to a dimly lit room or resting in the dark can alleviate some of the pain.

Keep your phone in the right position
One of the other things that could lead to a headache is the posture that most individuals assume while using a smartphone. Bending your neck and head downwards while texting can head to pressure on the neck and spine and can lead to inflammation, which, in turn, can lead to headaches. To avoid this, sit upright while using your smartphone and keep the phone at eye level.

Try a dental guard
Many individuals suffer from chronic dull headaches. In some cases, this pain could be a result of one constantly grinding their teeth during the day and night. To protect your teeth from wearing down and avoid headaches, you can try dental guards. These help keep the jaw in the natural position and avoid tension, reducing headaches.

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