5 ways to manage ADHD in children

5 ways to manage ADHD in children ?>

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a health condition generally seen in children. The brain of an ADHD child develops differently, where the condition affects the child’s posture, focus, and attention span, and capacity for self-control. This condition is characterized by hyperactivity, excessive movement when not required, and impulsive behavior. Parents with ADHD child can opt for different ways to deal with them. This article highlights simple parenting tips for ADHD.

Raising a child with ADHD comes with its own challenges, but they can be managed by giving attention, encouragement, and following various approaches.

Engage in challenging activities
Children with ADHD are easily distracted, but not many know they only focus when they find a challenging task. When the child responds positively to a particular task, encourage them to do more of it. This will keep them active, improving their physical and mental health. 

Encourage physical exercise
Indulging in different exercises can help the child focus better, improve sleep patterns, reduce depression or anxiety, and stimulate brain function. 

Follow a routine
Creating a routine in daily tasks and activities can reduce the chances of distractions. Also, when the child encounters an activity or event they expect, they are prepared to complete them. Gradually, parents can introduce some responsibilities following this pattern.

Maintain a sleep pattern
Good quality of sleep can be rewarding for ADHD symptoms. It can help regulate energy levels, reduce stress, and improve mood. Practicing regular bedtime can encourage quality of sleep and create a good sleeping pattern for the child.

Treatment options
ADHD is a condition that needs to be managed with the help of treatment options and behavioral patterns. The doctor will prescribe treatment depending on the severity of the case. The common treatment options for ADHD syndrome may include:

It is categorized under stimulant treatment options that are commonly prescribed for ADHD. It helps improve symptoms of inattentiveness and impulsivity, thereby improving focus.

It is a long-acting ADHD treatment option prescribed as a central nervous system stimulant. It is used in children aged 6 to 17 years old, and this treatment option helps improve attention and reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity. 

Adderall improves the amount of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain. The release of these hormones signals the brain to improve focus and reduce hyperactivity.

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