6 activities to help through arthritis pain

6 activities to help through arthritis pain ?>

Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition in which the joints become inflamed, causing severe stiffness and pain. These can be in the fingers, wrists, knees, and feet. There is no cure for the condition; however, there are ways to keep the flare-ups in check. Doing light activity is important to make sure the joints do not become too stiff. Read to know more about some safe activities arthritis patients can try.


This is a gentle activity that involves a lot of movements in your fingers and wrist. A good exercise for those dealing with RA pain without having to do any heavy lifting in terms of exercise. Make sure to warm up your hands before starting the activity to ensure there are no flare-ups. Also, take lots of breaks and use soft wool to knit or crochet.


A great outdoor activity to get some mobility workout during the day. Not only is it physically relaxing, but it also helps with calming nerves and is a great activity for mental stimulation. However, make sure that there is a stool to sit on when a break is needed.


This helps in improving flexibility and range of motion, especially for RA patients. The pace of the workout can vary depending on the individual’s choice and capabilities, making this a preferred choice of exercise for many.


With no impact on the joints, swimming or aqua exercises are a great way to keep the body in shape. No weight is put on sensitive bones, and the buoyancy helps relieve any pain. Also, swimming in cold water should be preferred instead of hot water.


This activity can help keep your mind occupied with some creative work rather than focusing on the physical pain caused by flare-ups. Activating the brain’s creative side will help through the pain. Also, invest in good ergonomic paint brushes, which have a light grip and handle that do not weigh much and cause any mobility issues.


A light and soulful activity, cooking can be extremely helpful for those with RA pain. Simple acts of chopping, stirring, and moving pots and pans require mobility work. This keeps the body engaged without putting too much strain on the individual’s bones. Besides light mobility, cooking a nutritious meal that focuses on an RA-specific meal plan is a great start to looking after yourselves.

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