6 free payroll software for small businesses

6 free payroll software for small businesses ?>

If you are the owner of a small business, then finding ways to save money indeed is your priority. However, that must not stop you from keeping your employees happy. High-quality payroll software can definitely help you keep morals high by paying their dues in full and on time. Here is a list of a few software to manage payroll for small businesses available for free.


This is a free payroll software with a variety of great options that simplifies the whole process. With SumoPayroll, you will require only a few clicks to complete payroll calculations easily. Apart from that, the software also allows you to manage employee information and evaluate their performance. Hence, SumoPayroll can also be used as an HR software. It is cloud-based software so that you can manage the payroll from anywhere.


Managing payroll for small businesses is relatively easy with this software, as Microkeeper has a time-tracking option. This makes it easier and more convenient to keep track of the payroll. As the employees can clock in and clock out using this software, it becomes straightforward to calculate their dues. Microkeeper can take into account the employees’ work-time, breaks, overtimes, allowances, and leaves to generate the pay statement.


If you are looking for customizability, this payroll software will be perfect for your business. This cloud-based software makes the whole process simpler and more transparent for you and your employees. There are hundreds of add-ons and customizable functions available in the software. It allows you to customize the program according to your needs. If you need more control over the payroll, you can always ask the provider to make the necessary changes in your copy of the software.


If simplicity is what you need from the payroll for a small business, this software can definitely help you. It is a cloud-based software that you can use from anywhere. While the program has the options for calculating all the standard deductions, you can also add custom options to make it more suitable for your business. PaymentEvolution can also be used to store employee information and manage them more easily.


As the name suggests, Payroll4Free does not cost you anything to keep track of your payroll. This software is most suitable for you if you have no more than 25 employees. It has a long-range of payroll services, which help you calculate the payments of your employees while keeping an eye on their vacation leaves and reports. Payroll4Free also helps you with tax calculations.

Employment Hero

This software offers a payroll for small businesses that is easy to use and can be very useful as an HR tool. Apart from managing your employee data, you can also keep track of information regarding any independent contractor you may have hired. You can use it to create payment schedules and streamline work rules too.

Before deciding on which software to use for your business, you need to compare all options closely to get an idea about which one suits your needs the best.

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