6 nutrient-packed foods for lactating mothers

6 nutrient-packed foods for lactating mothers ?>

Lactating mothers must have nutritious meals to ensure their infants’ proper growth and development. Eating the right food items can help increase breast milk production, improve the mother’s health, and provide the baby with essential nutrients. Adding certain superfoods to the menu will deliver healthy nutrients to the mother and baby. Such foods are powerhouses of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help boost milk production and energy and improve health.

Avocados are rich in healthy fat, fiber, and numerous minerals and vitamins that boost a lactating parent’s health. It packs a high amount of potassium that helps maintain the body’s fluid balance and assists in the necessary muscle and nerve function. Its vitamin C and K content delivers the required antioxidants and blood clotting factors. Oleic acid in avocados helps reduce inflammation and the risk of heart complications, while folate provides the necessary components for the growth and development of the baby.

Salmon contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for the baby’s brain development. Salmon is also a good source of protein, vitamin D, and vitamin B12. With numerous benefits, salmon is a superfood for lactating mothers and is safe to use at least once or twice a week. Its multiple health benefits are extended to the baby along with the mother.

Spinach is a superfood for almost everyone, including lactating mothers. It contains essential minerals and vitamins for a healthy mind and body. It packs high amounts of vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron. Anemia in lactating mothers is a common concern, and the iron content in spinach helps prevent it. Calcium, at the same time, is essential for the development of bone health in babies. Spinach can be included in the daily meal plan as vegetables, salads, and smoothies.

Almonds are a reliable source of healthy fats, fiber, and protein. They are also considered a rich source of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin E. Magnesium is essential for proper nerve and muscle function and helps relieve stress. Vitamin E protects cells from damage as a strong antioxidant. In addition, the calcium content in almonds helps prevent calcium loss and the increased risk of osteoporosis development.

Greek yogurt
Greek yogurt is a high-protein dairy product that packs numerous health benefits. It is rich in probiotics that help develop healthy gut microbiota for the lactating mother and the baby. The boost it provides to gut health also plays a functional role in developing a healthy immune system. Besides being a rich source of probiotics, greek yogurt also packs a healthy dose of calcium and vitamin D. Both are essential for bone health. Greek yogurt can be used as a sour cream substitute and a mid-meal snack to avoid unhealthy snacking options.

Sweet potatoes
A root vegetable rich in minerals and vitamins, sweet potatoes are an all-rounder for healthy foods. They pack high amounts of fiber, potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C. These components help develop a healthy vision and immune system and help fight off free radical damage with their high antioxidant content. Potassium helps maintain the fluid balance in the body while ensuring that the nerves and muscles are functioning correctly. They can be baked, boiled, mashed, or turned into a soup according to the lactating mother’s preference.

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