6 things to avoid doing this holiday season

6 things to avoid doing this holiday season ?>

Traveling for a vacation is expensive, so it is important to utilize your time abroad. Stressing over what to do and what not to do is not something anyone would like. This is why we have assembled this convenient list of six things not to do when on vacation. Regardless of where you are taking a trip, you should avoid these things if you wish to have a happy holiday.

Avoid strict itineraries

There is nothing wrong with having an itinerary planned out for each day, but this leaves little room for you to go off-course and explore something new. After all, what is a vacation without doing something impulsively? Go with an open mind. No matter how much you plan, sometimes you just need to wing it.

Avoid trusting everyone you meet

Of course, we’re not advising you to mingle with locals. But tourists are the easiest people to lure into scams. So avoid letting your guard down too quickly. Be approachable, but if you are not interested in doing or buying something, politely decline. There is no harm in being cautious.

Don’t be ignorant about local customs

What may be considered completely normal in our country could be offensive in another. For example, in the USA, it is considered impolite if you do not tip 20% of the restaurant bill to your server. This may not be true in another country. The last thing you wish to do is offend someone. It is suggested to read the country’s customs before traveling to avoid any embarrassment.

Don’t be afraid to bargain

We all want to take back souvenirs from our holidays to cherish the memories. When visiting the local market, do not be afraid to bargain prices. According to some experts, counteroffer a third of what the seller is quoting (unless you feel you are getting it at a reasonable price), and then negotiate something in the middle.

Avoid eating only at hotels

Take the less-traveled road and explore restaurants that mainly serve the locals. Eating only at touristy places leaves no room to experience the country’s culture. Avoid visiting famous chain restaurants like McDonald’s or Starbucks. You could always ask a local for suggestions.

Not learning the local language

Mastering the local language is not an option, but learning a few phrases may help you get around. Learning things like “how are you today?,” “Good morning/ evening,” “Where is the restroom?,” “Thank you,” and “Please” is always a good idea. You can always download a translator app on your phone for more convenience.

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