6 worst food options for the eyes

6 worst food options for the eyes ?>

Eye-related issues can occur due to existing conditions or injuries. People aged 40 and over can be at risk of total vision loss. Those with diabetes, heart, and kidney diseases also face this risk. To lower this risk, one can use simple strategies to maintain eye health. You can consider avoiding very bright screens, and eating foods that nourish the eyes. However, certain foods must be avoided. Some of these are listed below.

White bread, pasta, and rice
These food items are high in simple carbohydrates. The body absorbs carbohydrates from these foods quickly, which causes a spike in blood sugar levels. This can lead to issues like diabetic retinopathy, diabetic macular edema, glaucoma, and cataracts. Moreover, these foods contain refined flour, which has been linked with age-related macular degeneration. It’s advisable to switch white flour with whole grain flour, as it is a better choice for eye health.

Sausages, hot dogs, bacon, deli meats
They are packed with sodium and preservatives while being high in saturated fats. The increased salt content can lead to increased blood pressure levels. This can lead to eye issues like hypertensive retinopathy, choroidopathy, and optic neuropathy, all of which can contribute to vision loss. A healthier alternative would be lean meat options like freshly sliced turkey and chicken.

People opt for margarine instead of butter, assuming that it is a healthier option. It is made from vegetable oils, but it’s not completely free from trans fats. Margarine can also raise one’s cholesterol levels, which affects the heart and eye health. High cholesterol can lead to yellow deposits around the eye (xanthelasma), or retina blockages. There are ways to pick a healthier option of margarine. Margarine that comes in solid bars have more trans fat. One can also opt for margarine with zero trans fat.

Processed foods
Ready-to-eat foods like canned meat or vegetables, and frozen foods are loaded with artificial flavors, sweeteners, and excess sodium. Eating these foods regularly can increase one’s risk of heart diseases. This, in turn, can affect the eyes. One should instead opt for freshly cooked meals. Look for recipes that can be made quickly and with lesser ingredients. Choose food items that do not have excess salt added.

Deep fried foods
Fries, pretzels, chicken wings may help you fulfil your cravings. But these foods are packed with saturated fats and will increase cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is one of the key contributors of high blood pressure and heart blockage, which directly has an impact on eye health.

Sugary sodas
Canned and bottled juices do not provide nutrition. They are loaded with artificial flavors and sweeteners that cause more harm than good. One should avoid having energy drinks regularly. They contain excess caffeine and can cause serious heart and blood vessel problems. Research indicates that heart problems can lead to occipital lobe stroke, retinal artery and vein occlusions, among other issues.

Instead of sugary sodas, one should have juices containing freshly squeezed fruits or vegetables. One can try having carrots, spinach, kiwi, and pineapple juices to promote good eye health.

Foods play an important role when it comes to good eye health. One should have foods that are rich in antioxidants and are anti-inflammatory. Additionally, make sure to always read the labels of the foods you purchase. This will help you in making better food choices so that your eye health remains optimal.

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