Avoid these 5 things to prevent skin diseases

Avoid these 5 things to prevent skin diseases ?>

Skin diseases are the fourth most common non-fatal diseases in the world. The skin is a sensitive organ that is exposed to all kinds of problems, from common issues like occasional acne to severe skin disorders like psoriasis. However, changes in lifestyle and eating habits can help manage overall health and keep skin diseases and problems at bay. Further, you should avoid or cut down on the following things to prevent skin issues.

  1. Dairy products
    Products using milk and dairy can lead to skin problems like acne, pimples, and whiteheads. The milk and dairy products that we use come with added adulterates. In addition, approximately 90% of the total production of dairy products contains added hormones. These hormones can cause skin outbreaks and lead to many other problems. To prevent skin diseases, dermatologists recommend avoiding milk and other dairy products. One can opt for healthier alternatives like nut milk or plant-based milk.
  2. Dehydration
    One should try to meet their daily water intake goal, as hydration is essential for healthier, glowing skin. One can also avoid dehydration by adding water-rich fruits and vegetables to their daily meals. Fruits like watermelon, cucumbers, oranges, and muskmelon are the ideal additions to maintain optimal hydration and improve skin health.
  3. Touching the face with dirty hands
    People often touch their bare faces and skin with unwashed hands. The hands host many bacteria and microorganisms that can be extremely harmful to the skin. The global pandemic has taught people around the world to wash their hands to stay germ-free repeatedly. Adopting good hygiene habits like keeping hands clean can help reduce the risk of skin infections, acne, and diseases.
  4. Foods with high GI
    Foods with a high glycemic index or GI can be the major trigger for skin issues. These items can cause sudden outbreaks and even rosacea. Some of the common foods that have a high GI include sugary breakfast cereals, refined flour, sugary beverages and sodas, chips, cookies, and canned fruits. As soon as these foods enter the gut, they increase the blood sugar, to which the body reacts by producing more insulin. This, in turn, increases the production of hormones that contribute to many skin problems.
  5. Skipping sunscreen
    The primary reason for developing skin cancer is one’s exposure to the sun and harmful UV radiation. A simple way to avoid such skin diseases is to use good sunscreen every day. A good sunscreen comes with a higher SPF value, so one should choose the ideal product for their skin. The SPF ensures that no harmful UV rays reach the skin surface.

Additional tips

One can try the following remedies and lifestyle changes to avoid developing skin conditions:

Better food choices: Add fatty fish, broccoli, soy, red grapes, and dry fruits to the daily regimen to get a nutrient-rich meal.
Get tested: One should get examined by a dermatologist periodically. Skin specialists can suggest skin biopsies, physical examinations, and patch tests to check for potential diseases. This will help people get a diagnosis of their exact skin condition, if any, and receive the right treatment.

So, apart from changing eating habits, avoiding skincare mistakes, and introducing lifestyle changes like good hygiene practices, one should also learn about and recognize the early signs of skin issues. If one notices skin problems that persist for a while, they should consult a dermatologist to get an early diagnosis as well as treatment for their condition. If suffering from plaque psoriasis, one should use FDA-approved Tremfya. This prescription treatment option is used to relieve infected areas and reduce the symptoms of moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Tremfya is one of the best treatments for itchy psoriasis.

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