Benefits and the application process of extended vehicle warranty

Benefits and the application process of extended vehicle warranty ?>

Every vehicle comes with a warranty period. If a car has a warranty period of one year, the auto manufacturing company is liable to pay for any damage or mechanical failure it suffers from in the said period. An extended warranty refers to the kind of warranty you can avail to once the factory warranty comes to an end. According to several vehicle-based organizations, this type of warranty should be identified as a vehicle protection plan or a vehicle service contract.

How to apply?

You have to apply with the authorized car manufacturing company to procure an extended vehicle warranty. Apart from the company you have bought the vehicle from there are organizations that specialize in providing extended vehicle warranties to car owners. It is advisable to apply for an extended vehicle warranty as soon as you buy a new car. The newer the car, the higher will be the chances of you procuring an extended warranty. Well-maintained cars and the ones with a lower mileage also stand a good chance. When you approach a company to get yourself an extended vehicle warranty, you need to keep a few things in mind – the reputation of the company, the kind of coverage it offers to vehicle owners, the amount that you have to pay for the warranty and the additional benefits that you stand to gain out of it.

Benefits of an extended vehicle warranty

Inclusive warranty

An extended warranty serves as an all-inclusive warranty that covers manufacturing defects, repair based needs, and all kinds of services that your car may need. The warranty that you get while buying a car is valid until a limited time period. It safeguards you against any damage that the car may incur while you are driving it. On the other hand, the extended vehicle warranty goes beyond that and includes add-on services and any kind of repair that the vehicle might need.

Ease of ownership

Many people do not wish to invest in a car because they think there is a lot of hassle involved in it. They presume that maintaining a car is a difficult process, so it’s better to drop the idea of buying one. Such people will do some rethinking when they get to know about the extended vehicle warranty. Once you buy a car, reach out to a certified dealership agency of the auto company. It covers all kinds of services and repairs, even the unexpected ones, which are not covered by the original warranty. The extended vehicle warranty is valid for a much longer period than the warranty offered by the car manufacturing company. It safeguards you against emergency breakdowns and covers towing charges as well.

Increases the resale value

If you are somebody who believes in selling the car after having used it for some time, it is very important for you to get an extended vehicle warranty. If you do not maintain your car well and it is in poor condition, you will find very few takers for it. The extended vehicle warranty provides timely repairs to the vehicle and helps you vastly in keeping it in shape and the best possible condition. The better the health of your car, the higher will be its resale value.

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