Improve eye health by avoiding these foods

Improve eye health by avoiding these foods ?>

Our eyes are one of the most vital organs in our body. The eye health is dependent on the health of our blood vessels and heart; therefore, it is imperative to take steps to ensure good cardiovascular health. While we may choose healthy foods that provide nutrition and oxygen to the blood vessels, it is equally important to avoid the following foods that may degrade our eye health when consumed in excess.

Red meat
Pork, beef, lamb, and mutton are sources of red meat. These meats are generally laden with sodium to increase shelf life. But too much of sodium can increase blood pressure and trigger the buildup of fluid below the retina, known as choroidopathy.

We often use margarine as an alternative to butter because of its vegetable oil composition. But the food is abundant in trans fats, which may worsen cholesterol levels and degrade eye health.

Fish and shellfish
Fish like salmon and mackerel may contain traces of mercury. So if you eat too much fish and shellfish, the harmful properties of the element might cause damage to the eyes.

Despite the energy-boosting effects of caffeine in coffee, too much of coffee may affect your overall health. As for optical health, caffeine may increase pressure inside the eyes and may lead to vision loss. The condition is more prominent in people with ocular hypertension (OHT) or glaucoma who drink coffee.

Sweetened beverages
Beverages laden with sugar, including energy drinks, lemonade, and sodas, can affect not only your eyes but also your overall health, including that of the eye. The sugar content increases the risk of heart diseases and type-2 diabetes. People with diabetes are also at the risk of diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

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