Top 3 weighted blankets for restful sleep

Top 3 weighted blankets for restful sleep ?>

Weighted blankets and comforters are gaining popularity when it comes to home linen and bedding essentials. These blankets are designed to promote deep sleep by stimulating a deep touch pressure to aid relaxation. Studies show that people who use weighted blankets are more likely to enjoy the psychological calm that helps ease them into REM sleep. Check out our top three picks of blankets and comforters if you’re planning to buy one.

Gravity Weighted Blanket
The Gravity weighted blanket simulates the feeling of being hugged, which helps boost serotonin and melatonin levels and reduce cortisol levels to promote sleep. It is made with premium breathable fabric and features a micro-plush duvet cover for optimal comfort. The uniform stitching patterns allow the glass beads placed within the plush bedding to remain evenly distributed and stimulate deep pressure. The blanket’s heavy design helps ease stress and anxiety to ensure a good night’s sleep, making it one of the best weighted blankets out there. It is available in gray, navy, and white colors. You can buy one on their official website for just $195 and get free shipping with your purchase.

Tranquility™ Weighted Blanket
Tranquility™ is a bedding brand of the American Textile Company, and it specializes in designing weighted blankets that help people experiencing stress, anxiety, or even PTSD to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep in any temperature. The Tranquility™ weighted blanket is quite affordable and comes in a variety of weights, ranging from 6 to 20 pounds. It is filled with equally weighted glass beads in a fiber matrix for maximum comfort, and it provides warmth and applies deep pressure to aid relaxation.

Brooklinen® Weighted Comforter
If you’re looking for a good couple comforter, check out the exclusive Brooklinen® weighted comforter available in three sizes. The 15-, 20-, and 30-pound weighted comforters are have quilted cotton sateen shells and feature a baffle box construction for even weight distribution. They are made with 400 thread count cotton for optimal comfort, and you won’t even feel the glass microbeads that evenly disperse weight to promote restful sleep. You can order this weighted comforter from the Brooklinen® official website for just $249 or pay in 4 easy, interest-free installments.

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