5 low-impact sports and activities that reduce joint pain

5 low-impact sports and activities that reduce joint pain ?>

Staying active is essential to leading a healthy life, free of joint pain and inflammatory conditions. Knee pain, joint problems, or any type of arthritis can cause many problems and discourage patients from exercising and being active. However, quite a few activities and sports actually help keep the symptoms in check and reduce frequent flare-ups. This article highlights a few sports activities that people with joint pain can truly indulge in.

Benefits of sports
One of the main reasons to indulge in exercises or any sort of sports is to improve stamina and flexibility. Certain types of sports and low-impact exercises can boost mood, enhance balance, and, in some cases, even decrease pain.

Ideal exercises that reduce symptoms associated with joint pain

Swimming is excellent, as it reduces joint pressure and stimulates the lymphatic system, consequently decreasing inflammation caused by joint pain. Swimming is beneficial for those who experience frequent bouts of joint pain and struggle to do high-intensity exercises that put added pressure on the joints. It is recommended to start with a fewer number of laps and increase the number of laps for the body to get adjusted and build stamina.

This is another activity that is very easy on the joints. However, one should wear padded gear and take all the precautions to avoid bruises. These can save you from painful falls and hurting your joints. Cycling is an excellent way to build stamina, strength, and mobility.

Golfing is a sport that’s not for everyone. But those who have been indulging in the sport for years and love it should continue enjoying it, as it’s an excellent low-intensity sport. Walking on the course and getting some fresh air is not a bad idea at all. Those who experience shoulder pain and stiffness around this area should avoid taking big swings. It is good to start with a short game and practice shots. This will help prepare the shoulders and joints for big games.

Yoga is a low-impact exercise that can be easy on the joints when done correctly. It can improve mobility, and flexibility, and even strengthen joints for a better range of movement with time. Yoga complements every sport and must be an essential part of one’s life. It is an excellent way to reduce inflammation.

Picking up gardening as a hobby can reward the body in many ways. The constant flexing of muscles, movement, bending, and picking pots can help get enough exercise for the day. Gardening is also therapeutic and has many benefits other than just burning calories and building stamina.

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