6 common snorkeling mistakes beginners should avoid

6 common snorkeling mistakes beginners should avoid ?>

Snorkeling is an emerging water sports activity, gaining immense popularity in the country with about 8 million people participating in the activity each year. The activity involves swimming using a diving mask and a snorkel. This allows underwater visibility, letting people explore marine life. What makes it more appealing than scuba diving is that snorkeling is safer, cheaper, and easier to learn. But, it can quickly turn dangerous if you make these common snorkeling mistakes.

Choosing the wrong equipment
Snorkel masks come in various sizes, and picking an ill-fitting mask can increase the chances of water accumulation and fogging. This means through the snorkel, water can enter the lungs due to accidental inhalation, and the fogging can make it difficult to see where you are headed underwater, further increasing the risks of mishaps. So, ensure that the snorkel you buy rent fits perfectly to avoid such incidents.

Not understanding the gear
Although snorkeling gear is not complicated, new snorkelers need to understand the basics of equipment to ensure underwater safety. It is important to learn basic tactics like breathing through a snorkel, defogging and draining the breathing tubes, and the proper use of fins or flippers to avoid premature exhaustion. Lack of awareness can ruin your experience and put you in danger. It might serve you better to engage professionals to help you acquaint yourself with the gear and avoid grave snorkeling mistakes.

Being unaware of water conditions
Another common snorkeling mistake new snorkelers make is not checking the water conditions beforehand. Further, those who are yet to get used to their snorkeling gear can get carried away in their excitement and venture into deep waters without checking for favorable conditions. Ocean weather is unpredictable, and even experienced snorkelers can struggle against the overwhelming power of currents and waves. So, you should always check the weather and water conditions and gain experience in shallow waters before wading in deep waters.

Venturing into dangerous waters
If you are a new snorkeler still learning to breathe through regulators, venturing into deep and dangerous waters can be risky. This is because an accidental accumulation of water inside the snorkeling mask and breathing tube can make you panic. Further, you can lose control when caught in strong undertows and rip tides. So, to avoid making these snorkeling mistakes, you should snorkel under calm waters and talk to the locals or professionals to verify the safe limits.

Going solo
Snorkeling is usually considered a social activity, but a typical snorkeling mistake that beginners make is choosing to do it alone. This can increase the chances of mishaps if their gear malfunctions. Snorkeling with a group not only helps members keep tabs on each other during such events, and it can also enhance your snorkeling experience.

Disturbing the marine life
The ideal way to enjoy the explore underwater life is by avoiding getting too close to marine life. You must keep your hands to yourself and avoid touching fish, turtles, and especially corals. This is because coral reefs have become fragile over time and can take a lot of time to regrow once damaged. Further, feeding the fish can be dangerous as, just like terrestrial animals, those underwater can be equally unpredictable.

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