User-friendly phones for senior citizens

User-friendly phones for senior citizens ?>

Buying a phone for seniors needs a variety of considerations. Depending on one’s budget, requirements, and technical capabilities, one can select the right phone for a senior member. To help make a more accurate choice, let’s look at the list of things one must consider before purchasing a phone and the top three best cell phones for seniors.

What to consider before buying a cell phone for seniors?
There are several things to consider while buying a cell phone for seniors. These include:

  • Visibility and hearing
    Seniors often complain about small buttons, font, and screen sizes. Looking for phones with larger screens, buttons, and font size may be helpful for seniors. Also, one must ensure that the speakers are loud and the phone is relatively easy to use.

  • Safety and accessibility features
    Several mobile phones have features that make using a cell phone easier for senior citizens. These include voice recognition, voice-to-text, and touch assist features. Moreover, safety features such as location tracking, emergency alerts, and quick access to important numbers, and 911 should be accessible to ensure the safety of seniors.

  • Quality and durability
    It is essential to buy a durable, top-quality cell phone for seniors so that the phone can endure unforeseen accidental drops and lasts for a long time.

Top phones for seniors
The top three best phones for seniors are as follows.

  • GreatCall Lively Flip
    The long-lasting battery, high storage capacity, and emergency features make this phone one of the best for seniors. The Lively Flip phone also features the Amazon Alexa to make texting, calling, and navigating the phone easy. It has a large screen and big buttons, making the phone more accessible for seniors to use. Additionally, the phone has safety features like an emergency button, GPS navigation and is compatible with hearing aids.

  • Doro 7050
    This is a conventional flip phone that is user-friendly and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket. It has limited yet sufficient features such as an emergency assistance button, a large screen, and big buttons. It is compatible with hearing aids and has good battery life. The best part of this phone is that it costs less than $50, making it a perfect choice for seniors who do not want to invest a fortune in a phone.

  • Apple iPhone SE
    If the senior has even a little understanding of tech, the iPhone SE is a great pick. This is a great device that will help you to talk to your senior family member via facetime. Additionally, this device includes safety and accessibility features, high brightness, and hearing aid compatibility that can be altered according to the user’s needs.
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