7 mistakes to avoid at music festivals and concerts

7 mistakes to avoid at music festivals and concerts ?>

Music events like concerts allow fans to experience incredible music and meet their favorite artists. These fun events are also a chance to explore and discover new genres or artists and mingle with like-minded people. But it’s important to prepare well before attending a concert or festival. Some common oversights can dampen the mood and overall experience. Avoiding these mistakes can help one get the most out of the event.

Not staying hydrated
One is likely to walk and dance during music events for hours. So, getting enough water is essential. Dehydration can lead to fainting, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, stomach cramps, and exhaustion. Big festivals set up stalls serving free water, and one can carry bottles to fill at the venue.

Overlooking ear protection
Exposure to sounds louder than 85 decibels (dB) can damage one’s hearing. Concerts typically reach a decibel level of 115 dB or higher. One can use ear protection to avoid temporary music-induced hearing loss or ringing. These tiny devices muffle sounds without canceling the noise. Most performers can also be seen wearing these aides.

Not checking the schedule
Some music festivals feature multiple artists, and one can note the timing of preferred performances and set reminders. One should consider buying tickets on trusted online platforms like Vivid Seats. The platform sets up alerts for bookings and event schedules. The Vivid Seats app makes it easy to get tickets for the latest events, including music tours, concerts, sports events, theater, and other live shows.

Not wearing sunscreen and appropriate clothes
If the event is held on an open ground during the day, one should wear sunscreen, comfortable shoes, sunglasses, and breathable clothes. Standing for long hours can take a toll on one’s body, especially when donning unsuitable attire like heels or tight jeans. Further, sunburns can lead to skin damage or diseases.

Carrying heavy bags
Hauling bulky bags can ruin one’s concert experience. One should carry only the essentials in small bags to move around freely.

Not carrying cash
While most events allow credit card or online payment, one should carry cash for emergencies. Vivid Seats allows users to get cheaper tickets through rewards and redeemable credits. This way, one can save on tickets and spend on merch and food at the venue.

Arriving too late
Many events adopt a first-come-first-serve approach. So, one may lose a good viewing spot if they show up too late. Spending a lot of money on tickets and missing the main act is also not a great feeling.

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